Healing for me and you! 

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Readings, Healings, and Clearings

Energy Healings with Crystals or without, are given to optimize and maximize the potential in your own energy body, leaving you feeling light, peaceful, and happy. I can take a look into your aura and see where there might be an imbalance and balance it energetically. I use the magic of crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, sound healing  and color therapy to tap into the divine you and clear away anything else that no longer needs you or serves you at this moment. I have an acute sense of the body and how it operates on an energetic level, and can guide you into eating exactly what your body wants or needs nutritionally, as well as give you baths that may cleanse away unwanted energetic debris, and offer you an unlimited and exclusive guidance to your well-being. I construct a wellness plan for you specifically empowering you to achieve the best possible self. Every Body is different with different needs and desires, so I will work one on one with you until we find what works best and keep it going until you find the optimal strength, and vitality you've been searching for. Namaste! Karina 

Fashion Clothing and Accessories

Fashion and beauty, believe it or not is one of my main callings in life as well,  I thrive in bringing you beautiful pieces that bring your sexy back! We are all beautiful beings, so why not make ourselves feel better with a beautiful piece of jewelry, clothing, incense, candles, oils, and more!!! Allow your spirit to run wild in the energy of creativity.Reinvent yourself and allow me to pick awesome pieces that will look amazing in your closet! I am here for you! And if ever you are looking for a particular look, please do not hesitate to let me know, as I like to spice things up and change things around weekly. Please continue to stay tuned, and explore the journey with us to create a better you NOW! I love you! Karina 

* Some items are not available yet. Candles, incense, oils, soaps and creams and furniture will be added to the website as soon as they are created and uploaded to the site. *

Massage, Facials, Bodywork, Acupressure, Yogi diet and body balancing

I offer Massage and Holistic Facials in which my intuitive skills give your body exactly what it wants and needs. I only use organic and high end brands that will enhance the appearance of your skin and will make your body feel great since they do not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients.I am guided by the Angels and Spirit Guides as far as choosing the right skincare lines to best achieve the most satisfying results. I use the art of healing massage in my facials and decollate, thus providing your face with improved circulation and energy that is needed to bring much needed wellness and oxygen to your cells. I also offer, Bodywork, Acupressure, and Yogi Diet and Body Balancing. Please inquire within, as I can explain in more detail what this means! Thank you.

*I will also be vending and offering my services in different Farmers Markets throughout South Florida and New York City. Please inquire within or follow my blogs for more info.*

*Shipping Disclaimer: When ordering clothing and accessories etc, please provide your shipping address in the prompt that will be provided below the description of the item. Items can be shipped Worldwide at additional costs to the customer. Please allow 3-5 days for payment andProcessing time before item is ready for shipping. Please be aware that a size chart has been added with every item, Please make sure you fit into the item before purchase. As returning the item will take time and additional money to process.You will be responsible for the shipping costs back to the manufacturer. 

*Notes For Returns

Items must be returned with the following characteristics:



-In their original state with all labels, tags,and original packaging.

*The below Items are exempt from return:

underwear, swimwear, earrings, special categories items and discounted items.*

*Please do not hesitate to ask any questions before or after your purchase.

*We are here to ensure 

a satisfactory and amazing experience while purchasing any of our products and services!* Namaste