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Hey my loves, loves!!!

Posted on November 5, 2018 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and welcome new customer!

I am honored to have you visit my site! I am here to be of service to you and help guide you on your everyday endeavors! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I am here to help you in your desperate time of need! Or to just hang out and have a full blown conversation about your life and where it is headed! I love you! So with that said, here is my blog for this week. Namaste!

So as I explore my spiritual journey with more depth, I realize for me how liberating and important it is to speak my truth, and to show up authentically in this life everyday with you, and everyone around me at all times! Sometimes I am sad, joyful, worried, or just plain old goofy, but I want to be as authentic with my audience as possible! To show you that I am human too, and I also go thru life and have all kinds of struggles!

But it is in speaking my truth that I find my freedom! I find happiness in being raw and open! It liberates my soul and helps me connect deeper to myself and my audience! It heals me actually! So with that being said, how authentic are you showing up in your life everyday? Are you saying yes, when you really want to say no? Are you hiding your pain and hurt for fear of being judged? Are you putting up a strong face, only to fall apart when no one is looking in the background? I am here to let you know this is all very normal, and it's part of our everyday human experience!

I was raised in a family where communication wasn't that open! To say I love you freely and openly was something that never happned! To open up about our feelings and actually talk things out was really kind of obsolete. It was met with resistance, hurt, and fear of being looked down upon for showing some kind of weakness! It wasn't healthy! So I have an array of aunts with the same disease, Hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism. For being blocked in the throat chakra for way to long will bring about some kind of disease! I am happy that I have decided to be open and share my heart, wisdom and laughter with you, even on days Im really not fully up to it!

But I try! and that is the key word, TRYING! Try your very best to be your authentic self, for within that discovery there will be infinite opportunities to truly find yourself and help heal others along the way!

With love always!

Karina, The Angel Reader

How long till my soul gets it right!!!

Posted on April 6, 2016 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello beautiful lovelies!! So I just had my beautiful friend send me a link to a song by the Indigo Girls, It sings like this. How long till my soul gets it right.. Ohh,, I just wish I can sing it to you guys with my lovely voice!! :) Anyways, the song rang true to me because no matter how hard we try, we may always think we are lacking, or just plain old not good enough, or we pretend to be happy, when in reality our souls are crying, almost always unapologetically asking for help, crying for help and asking," God where are you?"  How many times have we questioned ourselves, or second guessed our own divine ability to be who we are, who we are born to be. We are warriors, goddesses of the light, able to overcome and conquer the worst of all storms! Just the fact, (and Im referring to women here,) Just the fact that we give birth is an amazing reality, we cocreated that with our partners along with the divine Universe!! We are creators, not victims of circumstances!! We are here to learn, release, cry and try again!! I know for me it has been a journey of reflection as of late. Since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Anoushka seven months ago, I realized how I have become somewhat critical and not happy with the way I look these days. I have gained about 20 pounds, and I am struggling to even take pictures because I feel like I look horrible!! But then again I have always had these issues since I was a child. I never felt 100% happy with my appearances even at the tender age of 5 years old, when my grandma dressed me up to go to kindergarten. So now that I am older, and I am realizing within myself the same reality of inadequacy, I am wondering where did this all stem from? As I honor and speak to my spirit guides, what they are telling me is that, I was told since very little, that I had to look a certain way, and because I didn't look that way, I started to become unhappy with myself and my appearances. I believed what I was being told. And I can feel the remembrance of it till this day. But the beautiful thing about all of this is that; Today I have the awareness that I did not have when I was 5 years old, and I also have the lovely voice of the Angels and my spirit guides helping me understand where all of this insecurity is coming and lack of self acceptance. I do love myself, but just like everyone else, I have some baggage!! lol Literally... I have 20 pounds to shed and it seems to creep up on me every so often. haha 

Joking aside though, I will continue to work on myself, as I honor all parts of myself, inside and out! Let's embrace all of who we are, and not worry to fit in the status quo! I love you!

Namaste loves.:D

Love and light!!!

Karina, The Angel Reader.