Healing for me and you!

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1 hour Energy Healing Session


My energy healings are composed of a variety of energetic healing techniques. Diet, guidance, accupressure, stretching, body baths, oils, etc.. Whatever your energetic body is asking for, I will allow my gifts of intuition and divinely led guidance to give you what is necessary to optimize yor health, and sense of peace and wellbeing. I am also a Spiritual Medical Intuitive! Sometimes what I see doesn't make sense to the customer but it makes complete and total sense to me. I pick up on past lives, and the destruction and pain you may have felt then, and are subconsciously reliving now. The reason why these things come up during any particular healing session is to free you from your pain, or to help clear any difficult emotions arising from previous traumas in this life or in any from your past! Healing is intended to make you feel better, complete, and wholesome on your journey. Allow me to assist on your path. Namaste!

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